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Animals rescue-transported to Date, by START Rescue

Next Transport
Mission Date November 8th

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Preventing Shelter Euthanasia through large-scale RESCUE-TRANSPORT & more.

START Rescue coordinates large-scale rescue-transport missions to save animals from overflowing and high-kill shelters, neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We focus primarily on saving animals at risk of euthanasia in California, along with animals living just over the border in Mexico. 

Buy a seat on the Rescue-Bus &
save a life!


Sponsorship Program

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START Rescue focuses primarily on large-scale rescue missions but also saves big-hearted individual animals who have more intensive needs each year.

These sweethearts are often found dumped in the deserts of California, starving, sick, or taken from the hands of an abuser.  


You can sponsor an animal with us!


Bakersfield Strays Coalition
Working to halt the cruel & illegal dumping of dogs

The Bakersfield Strays Coalition is working to SHUT DOWN the dumping of dogs in Bakersfield, CA through aggressive media and community campaigning, building partnerships, and everyday boots-on-the-ground rescue.



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Spay/Neuter Program.

Spay / Neuter is the easiest way

to do the MOST good for animals. 


Sadly, spay/neuter is also one of the more difficult programs to find donors for. START Rescue's donors have funded over 16, 000 Spay/Neuter surgeries! With your support, we can keep building on this number and save thousands of additional animals from euthanasia in California, where the risk is higher than in any other state in America.

H.O.P.E. Program

Homeless Owners & Pets Effort

Our START Rescue Resale store is not only a nonprofit thrift store. It has also become a resource for homeless humans and their pets in the neighborhood!

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SHOP awesome items. DONATE awesome items.

High-End Thrift, Couture, Antiques, vintage & more. Proceeds to the animals!

ONLINE & IN-STORE in Sherman Oaks, CA. Near Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Selling Chanel, Prada, Valentino & knick knacks too!

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Meet The Beast


Our customized 38-foot outfitted bus transports up to 150 animals that we’ve pulled from local shelters to the Pacific Northwest for a second chance at life.

Celebrate A Life with a Custom Crate Plaque on The Beast!

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Extremely Limited Availability.

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