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HaPpY Update: Welcome To California MILA!

Hi Everyone . . .

MILA was originally found emaciated and in very poor health on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She was diagnosed with diabetes.

Thanks to all your kind support, we were able to bring MILA to safety. She is currently being boarded with our friends @ Hands, Paws & Hearts. We are told MILA is a VERY sweet and gentle dog. Due to the diabetes, she is hungry and thirsty all the time and pees A LOT! MILA has a vet appointment this coming week and we hope to learn more about the best way to care for her.

MILA is good with other dogs. We would love to find a foster home for her so she can get the attention she needs. We're confident that once she's on the right meds she will improve considerably.

If you're interested in fostering MILA, please contact Suzanna:

(An application form and home check will be required)


It's Simple . . . Skip a cup of coffee (or tea) and instead,

DONATE the $5.00 to START so we can help MILA.

(We will help her regardless of donations.)


START's Paw-some News.

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