Our START-Sweethearts.

These animals are all receiving long-term care which may include things like training, boarding, medical care, rehabilitation, and surgery.  PLEASE PICK YOUR SWEETHEART below!

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3-year-old DAPHNE was found wandering the streets of Porterville, CA. DAPHNE waits for her food at the front of the kennel and is very gentle. She loves puppies and wanted to play with some that she saw when passing their kennel. She has been rescued and we will pay her medical bills!

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10-year-old STANLEY was found wandering the streets of Porterville, CA. STANLEY is a senior and sleeps most of the day. (He snores loudly.) He has some missing patches of hair but is very chill.  He has been rescued and we will pay his medical bills!


It's kitten season and our partner  Luxe Paws is saving kittens and adults right off the streets in L.A. We work with them to get them vetted and homed. Your donation will help to cover the costs to vaccinate, alter, and rescue-transport them to their new home states!


Hello I am MILA! I was left in the desert to die. I was found starving and near death. I have diabetes and need two shots per day, and I also need a very crucial eye surgery as a result of my formerly untreated diabetes. I am up for adoption and have been with START for over one year.

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Hello I am OREO! I was almost euthanized in the shelter because of my boisterous personality. I had to go into special boarding/training for a couple of months because I would attack people with so much love, it was kind of scary for them! I have patches of fur missing and will be getting that tested in May and I will go on special meds to help me calm down too. I eat like a horse, jump like a grasshopper, and I am slowing learning to settle in.


I am Rocky, I was found begging for help in the desert area, cold and hungry. I was approaching every person I saw and was clearly upset! Someone finally took me in, but they cannot keep me or afford to pay for my care. I have been recovering from the whole ordeal. I may have a low thyroid problem, but the vets are figuring that out now! I have been with START since November.


Let us
for you!


Hello I am STARSKY. I was rescued from a dog-meat slaughterhouse in S. Korea. I am very afraid of people and I have a tendency to lash out when I am restrained by a leash. I am in special boarding training where they are teaching me how to behave, and how to TRUST humans for the very first time. When I am ready, I will be up for adoption. 

We will pick the sweetheart who is most in need,
or use the donations towards the rescue of a new Sweetheart!

Hello I am ALI-YUNA I was rescued from a dog-meat slaughterhouse in S. Korea. I am learning to trust people for the very first time. The dog-meat farm where I was rescued from was horrific and has left me with some fears. I am terrified of the leash or any rope-like thing. I am just now learning to allow petting and I like to pace and pace and pace. Last week I stopped pacing for the first time in months! I think I will be ready for adoption in a month or two!