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START Newsletter: 10/03 - The "Lite but Happy" Edition

Happy Sunday Everyone! We have a light newsletter we'd like to share with you today and hope you enjoy these happy updates. Giant SHOUT OUT to birthday gals Linda R, and Karim R, who are a BIG part of the START team and a true blessing to our organization. So . . . Let's . . . Erm . . .

The South Korea 3 - VANDAL, BLOSSOM, and LORIAN Are Now US Citizens!

Thanks to your support, VANDAL, LORIAN & BLOSSOM are safe in California after being rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse that supplied dog meat to the Moran Market--the epicenter of the dog meat industry in South Korea. These precious three are now in the protective care of our dear friends at Hands, Hearts & Paws. Last Chance For Animals (LCA) along with their sister organization, Animal Liberation Wave, did an 8-month undercover investigation. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE: A special Thank You to Last Chance for Animals for NEVER EVER giving up and being the voice of the voiceless. START is in AWE! After their long journey, VANDAL, LORIAN & BLOSSOM are decompressing and already so happy to be loved! Please enjoy a few photos of their journey and the many people who helped them to get here, including one young couple from South Korea who wanted to volunteer to help the dogs get to California as part of their own honeymoon journey!VANDAL and LORIAN with Last Chance for Animals members and the kind and lovely couple who brought them to America, ON THEIR HONEYMOON!

The BONUS DOG: On the night Lori from Hands, Paws & Hearts was driving back from LAX with the 3 South Korean dogs, she turned down a dirt road and saw an image in her headlights. It was a dog in the middle of nowhere. She stopped and opened her door; then the dog ran under her car (which was hot). He would not come out. Lori had to crawl around in the sand (in the pitch dark) and eventually was able to pull the dog out. He had no collar and no chip but he somehow found the perfect person to meet in the middle of nowhere. Lori named the shy dog, SNOOPY. He is for sure . . . another doggie lottery winner!If you'd like to make a DONATION to VANDAL, LORIAN & BLOSSOM or for any of START's many life-saving programs, please visit our website:Donate

Our Latest Mini Transport - 22 Lives Saved

The Baby Beast took to the roads on September 23rd with "22" precious lives. Onboard were 3 dogs and 19 cats. All of the cats went to SpokAnimal in Spokane, WA.

Enjoy a few photos:

BISCUIT was going to be euthanized at the shelter due to an injured leg (which has now recovered). She and her BFF KETTLE headed off to Animal Rescue Kingdom and are up for adoption.

If you'd like to BUY A SEAT to help with our life-saving missions - please CLICK below.

HOME RUN! The Bowl that Saved his Life

Bakersfield, CA is overrun with strays. The shelters are full and rescues are stressed.

Our friends at Hands, Paws & Hearts were at the busy Shelter and walked by a kennel where MISHKA was standing sadly with his bowl in his mouth. He'd been found as a stray and had been sitting at the shelter for 5 weeks. Our friend took a photo of him and sent it to Candace, our transport coordinator, who managed to get him on our September transport to Sherry @ Reedsport K9 Shelter in Oregon. She named him MISHKA and thought he was one of the best dogs ever! Great news - MISHKA found his FUREVER home with a lady named Amanda! She said he is doing great and they absolutely adore him. He LOVES going on walks in the park and meeting new friends. Enjoy.

START Goodies to Purchase & EnjoyThe START Rescue Resale Store is For ALL Visitors Come visit!! We’re open 7 days a week. The store is filled with art in a gallery-type setting, along with unique furniture pieces, housewares, and clothing at ridiculously amazing prices. Check out our $5 jean rack! A pair of True Religion jeans for $5? You betcha! Don’t miss our Designer Room, where at any time you may see Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Prada sunglasses. We LOVE costume jewelry and our array features vintage through collectibles.

The START Rescue Resale Store 4521 Van Nuys Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA,91403 818.849.5250 Hours: 11am-6pm Monday through Sunday If you'd like to DONATE items to the store, please contact Rene:

52 Days With HERO

Hi HERO fans . . . If you've already purchased a copy of 52 Days With HERO, a big Thank You. If not, we encourage you to order a copy . . . or 3! ALL proceeds go to START to help more dogs (and cats) in need.To order your copy, please visit: Buy Now

(100% of the proceeds go to START Rescue)

SPECIAL OFFER - If you order up to three books (to the same address) you save $$ on shipping costs. Books will be shipped in the same custom box. All books are shipped by “Media Mail” which can take up to 6 business days.“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” -- Anthony Douglas Williams START RESCUE · START PO Box 4792 · Valley Village, CA 91617 · USA


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