Our Transport Program.

START transports monthly to our vetted contracted partners in the Pacific Northwest from California shelters and rescuers in Mexico. This is a huge task with many steps to get our four-legged passengers to safety.  


We begin by providing our Rescue Partners with links to the Shelters' inventory of at-risk animals. Our Rescue Partners then make their choices for the upcoming transport and we create a manifest with the details about each passenger. Since the animals are going out of state, they must meet agricultural requirements. They all must be examined and receive all vaccinations, to be cleared for a Health Certificate.  

The shelter animal passengers are picked up by The Beast. Once loaded in their reserved crates and checked off our manifest, they are on their way to a new life. Our Team Drivers and Pet Attendant head straight through to Oregon and Washington once all the load-up stops have been made and animals accounted for. They are then dropped off to our START-SAFE Rescue Partners.  


After the animals are settled in, our Rescue Partners begin the work of getting our precious passengers ready for adoption. Per our contract agreement, our Rescue Partners must provide updates for each animal. We share these amazing stories in our bi-monthly START Newsletter.

Save lives by donating a one-time or monthly recurring seat on the bus!

START sends its life-saving transports to our fully vetted (START-SAFE) Rescue Partners in the Pacific Northwest. Why there? Oregon and Washington States are less populated than California. Those States do not have the out-of-control animal population that is evident in California's overcrowded shelters and on our streets that the strays sadly call their home. Because Oregon and Washington are not oversaturated with unwanted, abandoned and homeless pets, our START-SAFE Rescue Partners are quite successful in adopting out our transported passengers to loving forever homes. Simply stated, our START-SAFE Rescue Partners "need" dogs (and cats) as much as we need, and we are grateful to them.  


Check out information on all of our START-SAFE Partner Rescues HERE.

Why the Pacific Northwest?