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Rescue-Transport Program

START Rescue pulls animals out of overflowing and high-kill shelters in California (and beyond), to save their lives.  Conducting Large-Scale, Rescue Transport Missions is what we do best AND we are capable of helping save over 100 animals, in a single 24-hour period.

START Rescue's donors save thousands of lives.

We cannot do this work, without you.

Sponsor a seat & save a life for $65.

Or donate what you can. Every bit counts. Every life counts.

What a Rescue-Transport Mission is like:

It takes a village and we have an AMAZING one.


1. START RESCUE finds each animal a safe place to go with one of our START-Safe shelter/rescue partners in the Pacific Northwest. 2. A manifest is created, 3. crates are reserved, 4. a route is built with stops along the way, 5. a schedule is put together, 6. shelters are notified as to arrival times 7. drivers and an onboard pet attendant are notified, 8. volunteers are coordinated...


And last but not least, The Rescue RV "BEASTIE," is prepped for departure and we are ready to roll. With all of this work being completed, START Rescue is capable of helping to save over 100 animals in a single 24-hour period.


START sends its life-saving transports to our fully vetted (START-SAFE) Rescue Partners in the Pacific Northwest. Why there? Oregon and Washington States are less populated than California. Those States do not have the out-of-control animal population that is evident in California's overcrowded shelters and on our streets that the strays sadly call their home. Because Oregon and Washington are not oversaturated with unwanted, abandoned and homeless pets, our START-SAFE Rescue Partners are quite successful in adopting out our transported passengers to loving forever homes. Simply stated, our START-SAFE Rescue Partners "need" dogs (and cats) as much as we need, and we are grateful to them.  


Check out information on all of our START-SAFE Partner Rescues HERE.

Why the Pacific Northwest?

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