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Celebrate, memorialize, and/or give a gift,
with a Custom Crate Plaque on The Rescue Bus


 Limited Availability

START Rescue has a limited number of stainless steel transport crate plaques with customizable engraving. The plaques are permanently affixed to each transport crate that resides on The Beast (The Rescue Bus) so that you can celebrate someone or something by remembering them through charity! These are the crates that the animals ride in each time pets are rescued during a rescue-transport mission!


Each crate plaque comes with a certificate and photo showing the engraved plaque and the number of the crate. This can be sent as an in memorial gift or in celebration of a loved one or simply with a donor’s name. We can even tell you who was in your crate for a month or a few!


We have less than 45 crate naming opportunities left. The plaques take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to complete with customized engraving.  A Certificate of Authenticity with a photo of the actual plaque will be mailed to you or your recipient when the plaque is completed.  



Each plaque is $250

 Additional plaques ordered at the same time are $200 each.


Please contact to order your plaque or for more information. 


Please note that we can add a paw print symbol, a heart, a very simple logo, or even create something special just for you. We can also notify someone of the crate designation as a memorial or a celebratory gift as well.  Just let us know, or we can help you choose.


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