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Buy a Seat & Save a Life.

Over 4 million shelter animals die every year in the U.S. waiting for their forever homes. But YOU can make a difference by buying a life-saving seat on the START Bus - affectionately known as “The Beast!”  Your donation will help to cover the cost to pull an animal from a shelter, or off of the street, and give it a new start during a rescue-transport mission.


Then, following the very next Rescue-Transport Mission, you will receive a hand-written thank you card with an update of the lucky one’s name, info, and a photo too. 

PS. If you’d like to sponsor an entire Transport, you can choose that option below or contact the START President  directly. 


Buy a single seat or multiple, monthly or once. You can even GIFT it to a friend.

$65 can save an animal from a shelter or off the street by paying for their way! Buy a single seat or multiple seats on the rescue-bus and after the Rescue-Transport Mission, you will receive a Thank-You card with an update with the name, info, and photo of the animal(s) saved through your generosity. THIS INCLUDES AN OPTION TO GIFT THE  SEATS & WE WILL SEND THE CARD TO THEM.


One Seat on the Bus.png


We offer seat packages, from 12 seats to the whole bus! PACKAGES ARE THE "WOW" Option!

AFTER the Rescue-Transport Mission, you’ll receive a documented list with the names and photos of the animals you helped to save, and a thank you card from one START Rescued animal each month FOR ONE FULL YEAR!

Buy a Seat South of the Border.png


A $100 donation will help an animal to be rescued off of the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, and into a home in Oregon or Washington State

You will receive a thank you card from the animal, with an update with the name, info, and photo of the animal that was saved through your generosity.

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