Get Involved

We rely on your support to keep our Transport and Spay/Neuter programs running.
Here are some ways you can get involved and support our efforts:


ONLINE: Create a GoFundMe campaign, or through Social Media - Facebook, Instagram Stories.

EVENT: Host an event, i.e. designate a table at a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc. Please ask us how we can help with online campaigns, materials, or setting up a table / booth.

For more info please contact:


We’d love to have your help. Our Volunteer options in 2022 include:

Working at our high-end thrift store in Sherman Oaks, CA


Taking photos at events, our thrift store, animal load-ups, etc.

Because we do not have a shelter facility, we do not have volunteer opportunities working directly with animals with one MAJOR exception, FOSTERING.


Fostering truly saves lives!

Please contact


Spread the word by posting, sharing tagging on Social Media, or by driving people to our site and donation link.


we have an amazing thrift store with high-end items. We post many items online, and there is a START Rescue Resale store in Sherman Oaks, CA as well.

Learn more here: