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START Newsletter: 7/25 - The "Fuzzy Heart" Edition

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We hope you enjoy this week's newsletter, lovingly composed to share the work START does 24-7-365 in the name of our 4-legged friends.

So . . . without further ado . . .

Let's . . .

It's Raining Cats and...Cats (Our Latest Transport)

Last Thursday, July 15th, wee Baby Beast took to the roads. Its destination was the Pacific Northwest and onboard were 33 cats (and 2 dogs!). The cats were rescued in collaboration with Luxe Paws, a wonderful cat rescue group in LA that focuses on rescuing cats and kittens living in the worst of conditions, such as wandering on the streets in perilous situations.

Due to animal overpopulation issues, it is difficult to find homes for many of these cats in California. Thanks to our receiving groups - Animal Rescue Kingdom in Newberg, Oregon, Animal Aid PDX in Portland, Oregon, and Hazel's House in Newberg, Oregon, START partnered with Luxe Paws to get 33 cats appropriate vetting,and transported them to their new beginnings!

START will be doing another mini transport on The Baby Beast this coming week as The Beast is being fitted for a second generator. Our expenses to continue saving lives are $35,000 + a month!


START's Paw-some News.

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