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Cookie & Fiona

Fiona was such a funny, independent girl. With her Mohawk and naked body she was the star everywhere we went. She used to love coming to work and going out on the town with mommy. The second you would say "Want to go outside?" she would jump up and trot to the door. Trot was what she did. She was a little pony and pranced with her head high. Fiona you were my best friend for 14 years and I still miss your face everyday.

Cookie was such a lover. All she wanted in life was to snuggle with her mommy. She would follow me around the house and sit on my lap for hours. When I would take her out with me she would sit in the passenger seat and just stare at me the entire drive. Every morning she would run into our bedroom and wiggle her little but saying good morning to us. She was a bossy little thing...all 4lbs of her. She wasn't really a dog's dog...she was a people dog. As long as she was with her people she was happy. She was such a love, snuggling with everyone that would give her a chance. Her life was cut short in a tragic way but she will never be forgotten. Cookie mommy is sorry I wasn't there to protect you!

We miss you both everyday. Constant reminders of your little spirits surround us. We have a memorial for you in our room so we can see your faces. We love you both so much and know that you are running together in doggie heaven watching over mom & dad.

Love you forever-

Mommy & Daddy


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