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Hercules the Best Cat Ever


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Aunt Michelle $250.00


On 2015-07-10 Aunt Michelle wrote

I am not a cat person, but I love cat's that love like dogs do. And Hercules was that cat. I'll miss him and all his fluffiness..

On 2015-07-10 Paul DiNuzzo wrote

Rest in Peace Hercules. I was always a dog person for the longest time. When we picked up this guy I quickly became a cat person. How phenomenal this cat was is hard to explain - you just had to live with him. Top 5 memories (of the moment)

1. When we went to the shelter, we picked him to meet and he was a bit standoffish (hard to believe to those who know him now) and he threw up a hairball. But then when we put him back and met another cat, he stared us down with this big love eyes and we knew we had to take Lionel (his name then) home.

2. When we lived at Everett Rd, you always knew when he was coming down the spiral staircase - KA THUNK, KA THUNK, KA THINK.

3. When he got out an open window at Dorwaldt Blvd and was missing for two days and then just as suddenly sauntered back up one of the paths like a boss.

4. Way back at Lafayette St when we first got him we left him home and came home and couldn't find him in our small apartment for about 15-20 minutes until we looked up and saw him on top of the cabinets surveying the landscape...

5. How funny he was that he put me and Kim to bed every night. We'd climb in bed and he'd come up and tuck us in and hang for about 10 minutes before jumping down to go about his business. Then anytime one of us got up to use the bathroom or something, he was like "Oh lord...I put you kids to bed already!" but he'd do it all over again.

I'm gonna miss this guy a ton. He had such a personality about him. I've loved all my pets - but I can't lie...this one was my favorite....

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