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Meet "The Beast".

In March 2017, START launched “The Beast,” a 38-foot motorhome that was retrofitted into a state of the art Animal Transport Vehicle for our Transport/Relocation Program. The aim was to increase our transport/relocation capacity while also providing safe, comfortable and sanitary conditions for our 4-legged passengers. This project took over nine months of careful research and construction by an animal transport specialist. Our “dream” vehicle can hold up to 160 at-risk animals in a climate controlled environment. START also has a 24/7 on-call vet and interior cameras to monitor our precious cargo. Providing every option for comfort and safety, The Beast is also well equipped for emergency situations.

Save lives by donating a one-time or monthly recurring seat on "The Beast"!

Other Amenities.

  1. Two AC Systems- a total of 44,000BTU’s (two-22,000 each unit) that works while driving. Back up unit of 55,000 BTU for emergencies via generator power.

  2. Two Forced Air heat systems - standard and generator backup.

  3. Climate Control.

  4. Four Camera outside mounted recording security system (Front/Back/Left/Right).

  5. Multiple zone interior cameras.

  6. Emergency rear escape window.

  7. Refrigerator for meds.

  8. On-board filtered water faucet with 80 gallon tank.

  9. Custom 36” wide door entrance.

  10. Jump seat with reading lamp for Pet Attendant.

  11. Co-driver seat reclines and seat moves up near to height of

    dashboard; co-driver can sleep or relax in horizontal position.

  12. Stainmaster carpeting in driver cab.

  13. Commercial linoleum in front and rear cabins.

  14. Fourteen storage areas under the RV with swing out doors.

  15. Two on-board mounted fire extinguishers, emergency supplies, sleeping bags, Human/Animal First Aid, towels, blankets, food supplies and disaster relief items.

  16. Two electronically controlled canopies for load-up and drop-off.

  17. Brand new Michelin tires.

  18. Satellite / GPS/ Bluetooth radio.

  19. On-board WIFI.

  20. Two Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detectors.

  21. Two fresh air ceiling vents; one contains exhaust fan.

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