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SKIP-A-CUP For MILA - Discarded Weimaraner Mix

Hi Everyone . . .

We recently received another plea to help another dog who was thrown away like trash.

MILA was found on the street in Tijuana, Mexico, emaciated and in very poor health. A Good Samaritan took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with diabetes. The Good Samaritan cannot keep MILA because of her condition and medical needs, so START agreed to take her. We will get MILA her essential medical care and nutrition so she can eventually find a forever home.

We believe MILA is a Weimaraner / mix.

We are asking you to please Skip-A-Cupthis weekend and DONATE the $5.00 instead to help us help another dog hit the Jackpot!


It's Simple . . . Skip a cup of coffee (or tea) and instead,

DONATE the $5.00 to START so we can help MILA.

(We will help her regardless of donations.)

START's Paw-some News.

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